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Interviews, News, Videos | Mar 01, 2016   

Vice’s Electric Taco with All-Pro Running Back Reggie Bush!

Vice is back with all-pro running back Reggie Bush. When Bush isn’t scoring touchdowns, he’s a huge fan of our industry. Many people don’t know, but Reggie Bush was/is really into DJing and has once played in front of 70k people. 

Some interesting takeaways:

  • Reggie Bush is definitely not afraid to be on the field, but gets nervous in front of the decks.
  • Reggie always has a Plan A, not a Plan B.
  • “Every DJ has to have a moment where they fail.” -Vice
  • Reggie is officially done being DJ, but is still a huge fan of the craft.
  • Reggie will never be on Dancing with the Stars

Vice, these episodes are awesome! Keep them coming.

P.S. Reggie, you can definitely get a ticket for texting and driving in California.




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