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Watch All Six Episodes of Cut Class with DJ Angelo

BPM Supreme TV, News, Videos | Jan 24, 2018   

Watch All Six Episodes of Cut Class with DJ Angelo

Call it wayback Wednesday or throwback Thursday if you’d like, but today we’re taking a look back at Cut Class with DJ Angelo. The UK-based turntablist and club DJ has almost 20 years and more than 10 million YouTube views under his belt. In this BPM Supreme TV exclusive, DJ Angelo demonstrates techniques and gives us insider tips for perfecting your scratch routines.

Check out all six episodes of Cut Class below and leave us your comments. Are there any specific topics you’d like to see BPM Supreme cover next?

Cut Class Episode 1: Scratch Tutorial

In DJ Angelo’s first Cut Class tutorial for BPM Supreme, he gives us some quick tips on scratch patterns, scratch flows, and hand coordination.

Cut Class Episode 2: Turntable Cartridge Connection Issues

Episode 2 of Cut Class covers some clever tricks to help when having headshell and cartridge problems.

Cut Class Episode 3: How to Scratch Faster

DJ Angelo addresses one of the most commonly-asked questions in his third episode of Cut Class: “How do I get faster at scratching?”

Cut Class Episode 4: Beat Matching Tricks

For open format DJs, mixing between two different genres can be challenging. DJ Angelo shares his hold echo tempo transition technique enabling you to mix on beat between any two songs of any tempo.

Cut Class Episode 5: Funky and Musical Scratching

In our fifth episode of Cut Class with DJ Angelo, he demonstrates the differences between straight and abstract scratching. Learn how to break old habits of repetition to become a better free form musician.

Cut Class Episode 6: How to Make a Turntablism Routine

DJ Angelo breaks down his routine making process into five stages as a guide for upcoming turntablists.

DJ Angelo will be at the NAMM Show this weekend and BPM Supreme will be there to catch up with him. Follow our blog and Facebook to stay up-to-date!

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