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BPM Supreme TV, Scratch Routines, Videos | Jun 27, 2016   

Watch Blend DJ Institute Open Deck Session

Watch as the students of the Blend DJ Institute of Las Vegas show off their new skills, with a little help from BPM Supreme brand ambassador Buck Rodgers. The video features scratching from Andrew Benna, Buck Rodgers, Color TV, DJ Gooza, DJ Jump, Earwaxxx, Ease, Manny Marcelo, Sid Smooth and Spair.

Founded in 2014 by a group of veteran disc jockeys, the Blend DJ Institute offers classes in music production, as well as an equipment store, and local mobile DJ service. Located in the Spring Valley neighborhood of Las Vegas, they have a five star rating on Yelp. At the institute aspiring producers take courses in DJing, turntablism, Ableton and Pro-Tools.

blend institute group shot

Based out of his hometown Austin, TX, DJ Buck Rodgers is the 2015 Redbull Thre3style US Finalist, 2014 Instacuts Champion, 2013 Indianapolis Redbull 3style Champ and Midwest Runner Up, 2012 3rd Place Red Bull 3style Chicago Regional and the 2012 Master of the Mix Indianapolis Runner Up. He also instructs scratching classes!

Anyone interested in learning more about turntablism from experts can register for classes at the DJ Blend Institute in Las Vegas. 

blend the dj intstitute las vegas

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