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Interviews, News, Videos | Jun 08, 2016   

Watch Episode 6 of Electric Taco with DJ Vice

The next Electric Taco with DJ Vice is now streaming. In Episode 6, Vice goes out for tacos with Swaggy P. of the LA Lakers.

DJ Vice has noted his fondness for Mexican food on several occasions. He was born and raised in Eagle Rock, and he knows where the best taco shops are. In his YouTube series Electric Taco, the producer talks to interesting people while they drive to a restaurant and then eat tacos. Presumably the show gets its name because Vice drives a Tesla during the interview.  The first episode premiered five months ago and featured Eric D-Lux. Other recent guests have included A-Trak, Reggie Bush, Wilmer Valderrama and P-Rod.

electric taco episode 2 a-trak

The conversation plays out like a conversation between a notable DJ and well known athlete. Swaggy P. mentions his favorite rapper is Tupac, who he has tattooed on his arm and describes as “pretty boy rap.” They also talk about how Swaggy P. was mentioned in a Kanye West song called “Facts” last year. Apparently Swaggy doesn’t know Kanye and was clued in by his teammates when it happened. 

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