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News, Technology, Videos | May 28, 2019   

Watch Now: Ableton Live 10.1 New Features Walkthrough

Ableton has released a new update to their popular music production software, Live 10.1. The latest version comes with impressive new features such as Channel EQ, Delay, and the ability to import your own wavetables.

Originally announced in beta testing back in February, Live 10.1 has tools that support a producer’s creative process and help to edit and perfect original music.

What’s new in 10.1:

  • User wavetables: Extend the capabilities of Wavetable’s oscillator section by importing your own wavetables or samples from your library into the device.
  • Channel EQ: A flexible and simple EQ with curves and gain ranges suitable for a variety of audio material. The shape of the filters adapts based on how controls are set to always provide musical results.
  • Delay: Combines Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay and adds feature upgrades. Ping pong behavior, as well as Jump, Fade-In and Pitch controls from those devices are all accessed from the front panel.
  • New automation features: Choose from a new palette of automation shapes, stretch and skew automation and enter precise values with your numerical keyboard. Get easier access to clip modulation in Session View. Live now also simplifies complex automation into C- and S-shapes for easier editing.
  • Improvements to zooming and scrolling: Live 10.1 makes switching between detailed views and big-picture editing faster with streamlined keyboard shortcuts, pinch zooming on compatible computers, a resizable Arrangement Overview window, and more.
  • Freeze tracks that contain sidechain routing.
  • Export single tracks and groups with return and master effects applied.
  • Use VST3 plug-ins in Live.

Live 10.1 is available as a free update for anyone already using Ableton Live 10. For a complete list of new features and improvements in Live 10.1, read the release notes here.

If you haven’t checked out Ableton Live in a while, see some of BPM Supreme’s favorite Live 10 features here.

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