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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Jul 03, 2020   

Watch Now: Basics of Song Structure for Mixing with DJ Hapa

Do you want to learn how to mix songs flawlessly? Our friend DJ Hapa, a.k.a. “The DJ Coach,” goes over the basics of song structure to help you identify cue points in songs so you can create smooth mixes.

In the first half of this video, Hapa takes it over to a whiteboard to break down each component of a song, such as beats, bars, and phrases. Understanding how a song is structured will help you recognize the ideal spot to start mixing.  

Then, inside of Serato DJ Pro, our coach shows the process of mapping out songs to help visualize where to enter and exit songs. He points out that getting to know music and mapping songs can help your mixing, as well as your original music production.

Watch the full video above and let us know if it helps to improve your mixing or music theory knowledge. Find more videos like this one on our YouTube and Instagram.

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