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News, Technology, Videos | Jun 11, 2020   

Watch Part 2 of BPM Sounds and Serato Studio’s “Creating a DJ Edit” Series

BPM Sounds and Serato Studio have teamed up on a new video series, “Creating a DJ Edit in Serato Studio.” For both DJs and producers, Serato Studio is a user-friendly and powerful software for making DJ edits, remixes, and beats from scratch.

In Part 1 of this series, we began converting a radio version of a track into a DJ-ready edit with a drum section intro that’s more suitable for mixing. Check out part 2 above as we dive back into our DJ edit and begin chopping up some of the vocals. Vocal chopping will help to build up the drop and also add some creativity to our edit.

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One thought on “Watch Part 2 of BPM Sounds and Serato Studio’s “Creating a DJ Edit” Series

  1. Since I got bpm I was able to download much of my playlist and really dope music. Thanks for accepting me and looking forward to downloading more.

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