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Watch Trailer for SoundStage VR Music Maker

SoundStage is a new virtual reality (VR) music sandbox available on Steam. To produce music with the app users will need a VR headset.

Developers refer to SoundStage as a virtual reality music sandbox built specifically for room-scale VR. In the game users design electronic sounds using a variety of tools. SoundStage captures the feeling of an old school rock concert when they used to put huge synthesizers on the stage. The early access version includes ten instruments and effects, such as the 3D theremin, drum, gate, keyboard, LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator), maraca, mixer, oscillator, sampler, speaker and sequencer.

htc vive virtual reality headset

The app is available for purchase at the price of $9.99 on the gaming platform Steam. But to experience gameplay users will need to invest in a HTC Vive, which is the VR headset. The device is currently distributed online at the official HTC website for $799 plus tax. However it is sold out as of this blog posting, and interested parties will have to sign up for email updates instead. Or there are secondhand HTC Vives on eBay that are priced at about $1000 to $1500 right now.

soundstage virtual reality synthesizer

By purchasing the application during the early access period, DJ’s and producers have the opportunity to contribute feedback for the next version. According to the game’s developers, “SoundStage is one of the first music tools on the Vive, and we want you to how you use the product. Join our Early Access campaign, dive in, and tell us what new features you want to see.” They continued, “Based on your feedback, we will change and re-prioritize the feature list for the 1.0 release.”

Early access is expected to last approximately one year, before version 2.0 is released at a higher price. The game’s designers are already planning to add ten more special effects, including a live sampler, laser show and microphone. There will also be a way to upload your own samples, and share scenes on your social media profiles.

SoundStage debuted on Steam today and will available for early access during the next year. At that point developers will upgrade the app based on gamer feedback.

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