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DJ Experience, News, Videos | Apr 18, 2016   

Wedding DJ gets too Drunk & Recieves the Sweet Hand of Justice

If you’re a Wedding DJ, you’re going to cringe, laugh, and cringe a little bit more when watching this particular Wedding DJ have a drunken meltdown.

This is a lesson for DJs, if you drink – drink responsibly. Make sure to control and pace yourself behind the decks.

For your convenience, we wrote out the intro below, linking the specific parts. Thank you to Kccaprice for the original upload.

The story behind the video:

The DJ at this wedding was very drunk, so drunk that he forgot how to operate his equipment.

On Camera: Music stops, two guests approach him to help him get the music going again. 

Apparently he didn’t like being shown how to use his own equipment. Music starts up again, 5 minutes goes by. 

Not on video: DJ is at the bar again ordering another drink, same guests approach him (I’m assuming to tell him he needs to stop drinking). DJ did not like bing told that, and pushes the guest, guest tosses hi drink on the DJ, DJ then throws a Corona bottle at the guest. DJ walks back over to his gear and stops the music.

ON CAMERA: Guests start arguing with the DJ about stopping the music. DJ eventually pushes the wrong people and gets a few punches from a few guests. Cops then show up. I stop video since it looked like the situation was diffused, and the DJ seemed calm now talking to the cop in a sport room. 

Off Camera: The DJ pushes cop #1, cop #2 on the side of the DJ punches the DJ across the face and knocks him out for a minute.

Cops cuff the DJ and sit him up and the DJ comes out of his little nap. (Picture at the end of the video of him sitting on the floor).



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2 thoughts on “Wedding DJ gets too Drunk & Recieves the Sweet Hand of Justice

  1. That’s how a wedding DJ destroys their career. Happened to me once and that’s all it took for me to impose a policy on myself. I don’t drink at weddings. I had a father of the bride ask me to take a shot with him in March. One and that was it. Told him I won’t risk his daughters wedding so please I can’t drink anymore.

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