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Zont Synthesizer Looks Like a Little Calculator

Gear Reviews, News, Technology | Jul 18, 2016   

Zont Synthesizer Looks Like a Little Calculator

The palm sized Zont Synthesizer produces infinite customizations with a universal input interface, interchangeable sound cartridges and wi-fi cloud sync.

Every year synthesizers get smaller. The Zont Synthesizer fits in your pocket, and provides unlimited versatility and portability. The device is constructed from strong yet flexible materials, including backlit buttons. The unibody front plate design protects an universal input interface for melody composition and rhythm sequencing. Plug the miniature synthesizer into your smartphone because it works with both iOS and Android.

zont synthesizer fits in your hand

Recharge your Zont Synthesizer on the Studio Dock with RCA, MIDI, USB-C and a 3.5mm jack output. The wi-fi cloud sync feature means you can collaborate with producers around the world using a Zont. This turns it into full fledged recording studio equipment.

Each Zont Synthesizer comes with four interchangeable sound cartridges for each style of production: Lead (red), Bass (yellow), Rhythm (green) and Noise (purple). Additionally their sound engineers have plans to collaborate with famous music producers to design custom sound engines for limited edition cartridges.

zont synthesizer sound cartridges dock

Mysteriously there is no word on what company actually manufactures the Zont Synthesizer, but we assume it to be a startup. Their website is vacant of contact information although you have a chance to like a page that is not searchable in Google. However the official webpage was designed by Russian developer Pavel Golovkin.

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